Master White started training in TaeKwonDo in 1971 while in
the United States Air Force stationed in the Azores.  After
returning to the states, Master White started training under
Mr. Craig Cruise in Galax, Virginia and was promoted to the
rank of Black Belt in TaeKwonDo in 1974 by Mr. Cruise.  In
1976 Master White received a Black Belt from Master
Clements through the American TaeKwonDo Association (ATA).  
Master White has continued to study under Master Clements
through the KamiBushiShinKai Organization and has received the
following ranks:

  • 1st Dan = TaeKwonDo;
  • 1st - 3rd Dan = KamiShiRyu;
  • 1st - 8th Dan = KamiBushiShinDo
  • Note: Through Sake Clements, Master White received
    the rank of Sandan under Master Albert Church's Nippon

Master White also studied Shito Ryu and Goshin Do under  Soke
Kuniba from 1989 to 1992. Promoted to the 4th Dan in Shorin
Ryu from North American Shorin Ryu Karate Association. Also
received Title of Shihan Master Instructor in Shorin Ryu.
Master White is a 30 year veteran in Law Enforcement. He is
currently a Deputy with the York Poqouson Sheriff's
Department. He is certified through Virginia Department of
Criminal Justice as a Defensive Tactics Instructor and has
taught at the Academy since 1983.  
HEADQUARTERS                      FOR THE
White became aquainted withMaster Willis. Under
Master Clements tutelage he received instructions and
Training in MooDukKwan, ChangMooKwan,
Taekwondo, Aikido, Hapkido, Kamishinryu, and
Bushishinryu.  Under Master Clements, Master Willis
Myers is one of the highest ranking Black Belts in the
Kamibushishinkai Organization. Even though he is not
active at this time due to personal commitments he still
remains a very close friend of Sake Clements and they
converse regularly. Today Master Myers holds the rank
of 8th Dan and the title of “Dai-Shihan” or “First Master”.
Master Myers training began in 1966, under various
instructors and continues to this day in the various arts.
Gary Basinger and Soke Clements were among the
original students that trained at the Salsbury YMCA in
Salsbury, NC under Chun Duk Ki when he arrived in
the United States. After Chun Duk Ki left the US and
relocated in Edmonton Canada, Soke Clements and
Gary  choose to walk  different paths in the Martial Arts.
Although our paths crossed many times at
tournaments and other Martial Arts functions Soke
thought of Gary many times. Gary was a great
instructor and competitor and will be remembered for
many years. He touched so many people through the
Martial Arts. Gary's passing will leave a very large void
in the Martial Arts Community.
  September 1, 1959 to September 15, 2010
On a personal note, Soke Clements would like to let
everyone know that if anyone has anything they would
like to add to this please contact him through his
personal email address "".
Soke would very much like to have a picture of Gary in
his Karate Gi, if available.